KMS California
KMS California has developed an innovative, patented technology that, when combined with our native natural ingredients and specific support ingredients, creates a fusion never before seen in the beauty industry.
Kenra products are distinguished by using a blend of pharmaceutical-grade and cosmetic-grade ingredients that provide extraordinary performance. Our products are highly recognized for reliable, consistent performance and have universal appeal and application.
Aquage haircare and styling innovations bring you the best of sea and science combining the highest quality, professional grade ingredients with today's most advanced advanced haircare technology. the healing benefits of our exclusive Algaeplex® sea botanicals in each Aquage product nurture, hydrate, strengthen and protect your hair beautifully.
Enriched with 100% Pure Organic Hemp seed oil. Blended with natural extracts to provide dramatic skin hydration and nourishment.
100% Vegen wellness system instantly rejuvenates the health, texture and appearance of hair exposed to hard water, softened water, sea water or chlorinated pool water. If you have struggled with green, brassy or dull hair this product is for you. It will remove the green and brassiness in your air then add nourishment, protection and shine.
  It's A 10
Each of the products are developed with the core idea that they perform "10 things instantly". On their own, they work amazingly. Now through their exclusive professional salon formulas, you can enjoy shine, moisture balance and healthy movement with just one product. They call it "strength in simplicity" and it will change the way you think about hair care.
For twenty years, NIOXIN® has been developing advanced technologies for products that help optimize the scalp skin environment resulting in youthful, healthy-looking hair. Each System is designed to maximize your individual potential.

Styling Tools

We sell hair brushes, combs, hair straighteners, curling irons, as well as other styling aids.